Sunday, September 26, 2010

Vernal Equinox

The moon coming up over the ocean and the sun setting on the sound. What could be more lovely? or peaceful? And not just once, but six evenings in a row. Such is vacation.

Long walks on the beach in the early morning - sand so wet that it tugs at my feet and makes my quads and abs ache. Might have something to do with my overall fitness. Such is vacation.

Many good books read sitting on the breezy porch with Mitchell. Such is vacation.

Good friends, good food, good [ok, great] wine. Such is vacation.

Lots of naps, sleeping late, time for reflection. Such is also vacation.

After six weeks on a roller coaster - at work, but mostly at home - a week at the Outer Banks of North Carolina was just what the doctor ordered. Time to decompress from the hard days of packing up Mother's apartment, visiting her in the hospital, moving her to a nursing home, making decisions that I do not want to have to make. Wow! I needed a vacation. Altho there are worse days to come, I feel refreshed and more ready to deal with them as they arrive.

What is it about the roar of the waves breaking and the rustle of leaves as the wind is passing by that carries off our cares and woes? How is it that getting a little closer to nature makes us whole again. Is it the getting closer to our inner dolphin? More likely, it's six days without access to email!

And, why did I forget my camera?