Sunday, January 1, 2012

A Good Day to Start

Today's the day for reflection:

December 31, 2011
Overall, it was a pretty good year.  Mitchell's little dance with cancer turned out ok.  He is passing the follow-up tests with zero's - which in this game is great.  The company I work for had a banner year, thanks in part to a huge project that Mitchell helped make a success.  The garden was wonderful, and a new cutting garden is already waiting for spring weather to grow.  I made peace with Mother's death and successfully closed the Estate.

Didn't make quite the progress that I had hoped on weight loss, but it was a wonderful year for exercise.  Friday I attended my 200th Jazzercise class!  Had set a goal of 150 classes for the year and just blew that out of the water!  Clearly regular exercise has become part of my life, now I need to work on fewer (and healthier) snacks.

December 31, 2011
Today's the day for looking ahead:

Tackling the weight loss thing is at the top of my list.  I shall set a new goal of losing the rest of the weight by [drumroll here, please] 12-12-12!  It's hokey, but we all know the value of goals.  Logging exercise and food and continuing to dance regularly are important here.

We shall finish putting our financial house in order so that I can retire someday.

I will make more time to enjoy the garden, especially the cutting garden.  And, most importantly, I will build the raised bed for sweet peas by February 15th!

Today's the day for appreciating those who support us:

December 31, 2011
All of you who visit the Garden Bench are at the top of my list.  Thanks for your friendship and support that keep me picking up the keyboard and the camera.  Thanks for your comments that encourage me and give me new ideas for moving forward.  Thanks for your time - you could be doing so many other things!  Thanks for your inspiration.  And, especially, thanks for your love.

For 2012 my resolution is to try to give you the support you give me.  You know who you are!  Huge, enormous hugs all around!

Loropetalum 'Pizazz' TM - Due in March, but blooming on December 31, 2011