Saturday, March 3, 2012

New Dominion?

Today in Richmond about 1,000 people - some men, but mostly women - descended on the State Capital Grounds to silently protest the a law passed two weeks that restricts a woman's ability to make decisions for her own reproductive rights.
I wonder if they covered their faces so that their mothers wouldn't know what they were doing?

The law requires that any women seeking an abortion have an abdominal ultrasound - which she must pay for - prior to having the abortion.  The original bill required an ultrasound to determine the gestational age of the fetus.  Apparently the proponents did not know/understand that in the first trimester a traditional abdominal ultrasound does not work to determine fetal age.  The only way to accomplish that is a trans-vaginal ultrasound.  That is, an ultrasound probe that is inserted thru the vagina.  After a demonstration last week, that requirement was dropped, and the abdominal procedure ("jelly on the belly") specified.

A second law that would have given "personhood" to a fertilized egg was tabled until next year.

Apparently those protesters who were arrested had seated themselves on the steps of the Capital - silently - and failed to leave when asked by Capital Police to do so.  At that point riot police with tear gas and rifles were called in to establish "order".