Thursday, June 20, 2013

From One Old Dog to any Others ....

So, last week I raised the question of what the heck is going on with Blogger Reader?  Got several helpful answers and just to prove that I am not a totally old dog (there is a five-letter word that many of my friends would choose ...) I want to share what I have learned. 

Technically, it is Google Reader that is going away at the end of June, not precisely "Blogger Reader", but apparently they are the same thing!  So, why couldn't they say so more directly?  No clue. 
There are at least two other readers readily available.  One is BlogLovin ( and Feedly (  I signed up for both just to be sure I was covered, but will probably only use one of them.  Here are my first impressions:

BlogLovin was a little more difficult to sign up for, but not much.  It wanted an email address and then sent me an email with a link to complete the process.  (My email thought the message was spam and blocked it - twice - but I finally found it and from there it took only seconds to complete my enrollment.)  It asked permission to upload my "Google Reader" and took about 20 seconds to upload all of the blogs I follow.  They are displayed just like in Blogger Reader, and you access the same way.  It may take one additional click.  I commented on a blog while I was there and it worked exactly the same way. 

Feedly didn't make me sign up for an account.  It seemed to already know me and already have my reading list.  It may be that it is Google, or perhaps just Big Brother.  It gave me a couple of choices for how I want to display my reading list, but seemed fine.   I don't particularly like the way it looks (just not as attractive as Blogger) but it seems to work fine.  Apparently "they" are in the processing of upgrading, migrating or something and there will be some additional changes in the next two weeks.  So, things may look a little different in a couple of weeks. 

Both appear to work on tablets, too, altho I have not tried them on mine.  That's the next step. 

So, for what it's worth ...  this was an easy trick for this old dog to learn.  And Apolonius said, "Come the edge.  They came to the edge; he pushed them off, and they flew."

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Wednesday Workday - not!

It may be Wednesday, but the only work getting done around here is for ... well, work.  It's panic time at the office.  If I can make it thru one more week, it will slow down. 
The first of many lilies to come.  Wait until next week.
But i did make myself a promise that i would enjoy the garden more - you know the sitting and enjoying it kind of enjoyment as opposed to the pulling weeds and planting plants kind of enjoyment.  I get a lot of the latter, but so often forget the former. 
Hydrangeas, cannas, monarda, shasta daisies, and salvia.
So, i've spent several evenings sitting on the deck with a glass of wine and the latest whodunit.  And, i've cut more flowers for the house this year.  

That's enjoyment!

Sunday, June 16, 2013

June is Absolutely Bustin'

Several weeks of good rain, moderate temperatures (for Virginia) and good sunshine and the garden has entered that "gorgeous debutante" part of the year.  No bling is too good for her, and she's wearing it all!  I'll let her speak for herself.
The 'Richmond Spider' daylily with an Easter lily peeking out underneath.

Unknown salvia with the volunteer poppies.  While  I hated to lose the crabbapple last year, the extra sun in this part of the bed has been welcome.*

The mini-daylilies are in full bloom.*

Monarda has started to open.  Will be even more wonderful in a week.

"Big" daylilies, too.*

The "best" hydrangea I have.  An everblooming variety that gets enough sun and enough water.

Even this pot of hot colored annuals is happy.*

And, the xeri garden, too.  Five new lilies here, but they are not doing very well... yet.
Next week this will be Lily Land, when the asiatics I planted in the fall start to open.  I must have a million buds.  Remember?  I got a little carried away when I was buying bulbs last fall.  Planted about 60 lily bulbs - and all make multiple blooms!  Can't wait for it to get into full swing. 
I even cut a couple of big bunches for the house.  
Hydrangea, monarda, calla lilies, yarrow, hosta, dahlias and salvia.
Hope you are having a nice weekend.

*For one who claims to not like yellow flowers ... are you seeing what a big contribution they seem to be making to the overall look?  Guess I am getting a bit more flexible in my old age.  Well, at least in the garden.