Monday, April 22, 2013

Flowers in the House

Oh, no!  Too hard! Can't do it!

Those were my first thoughts when Jane invited us over for a cup of tea and to see her flowers.  

All the action is outside, don't you know.  There's absolutely nothing to cut now.

So she forced me to take a little stroll around the house and to look at things a new way.

The last of the hellebores are still nice.  The woods hyacinths are blooming well.  The fothagilla is lovely.  And, there are a couple of my neighbor's lilacs hanging on my side of the line ....

Not my usual things, but who says you have to do what you always do.  They probably won't last long ... but that's ok. 

Join me for a glass of tea on the deck and we talk about the resilience of our friends in Boston, and about how we all need to support each other as we can.  Then please go over to Jane's and see who really has pretty things to share.

"No more hurting people ... peace."  
~Martin Richards, age 8