Friday, January 1, 2016

Oh, the Possibilities ....

January 1st - literally a clean slate. So many options.  So many possibilities.
Enjoying the warm December weather and blooming its head off.
 [Camellia japonica 'Professor Sargeant]

2015 was a year of change and transition.  Retiring was so much more daunting than i had expected.  It turns out that nearly 25 years in the same job tends to cause one to identify oneself by that job.  And, suddenly it was gone.  Did that mean that i was gone, too?

The summer passed in a blur of pretending that it was a long vacation. 

It was not until fall when i started taking classes and established a new routine, that i began to feel "normal" again.  "Normal" is so comfortable.

Today, tho, i feel settled ... a new routine, a new normal.  And, a clean slate upon which to write a new year.

Thank you for being "out there"; for your support thru this year of change.  I wish each of you a very Happy New Year, filled with new possibilities, new adventures and new dreams.