Sunday, August 10, 2014

There's Nothing Like a New Toy ...

to divert one's attention!

Attended my first digital photography class on Tuesday and have had my head behind the lens all week.  We had homework.  You would NOT have wanted me to not do my first homework assignment ... would you?  I knew you wouldn't.

This week we learned to do this:

and this:

There's one more thing, but I haven't done that yet.

Even if it takes me a while to get comfortable with all the things one can do manually, there is always automatic on which I can fall back.  (Ms. Eula Snelson would be proud of that sentence!)  But these are all manual.

See the bee? dead center ...

There's not much happening in the garden right now.  We're in that hot and dry phase between effusive early summer and the rebound of early fall.  Thank goodness for the cutting garden and the planters!  Everything has its role. 

Happily, I'm feeling anything but hot and dry right now.  Mind engaged and looking forward to the coming Tuesday to see what new things I can learn.  Oh, and I still need to do that last homework exercise....