Saturday, May 30, 2015

At Long Last ....

Today is the first year of the rest of my life .... retirement!

I can pull out all the cliches and I may need to go search out some of the bumper stickers, but the reality is that the day I have awaited for so long finally arrived at 3:00 yesterday when my co-workers and boss gave me a nice little low key send off and - sent me off!
This is my new office.  Breakfast served daily and cocktails if it's not raining.
It's nice to know that every day is now Saturday, and that I can plan things around when I really want to do them - like putting off getting the car washed until Monday, when they won't be so busy.

Meanwhile, the garden grows and the renovation of the 'office' into the 'music room' is well underway.  

Remember the recent flood?
The floor installer comes on Monday to start ripping out the remaining "old" floor and begin installing the new one.
Right wall is painted; left is not.  Can't find the "before" photos that show all my furniture.
Now I am reduced to a folding table.  I love it!
We have sold or given away 90% of the old office furniture and I have painted the room, so when the floor gets installed we will be ready for new furniture.  We have chosen a new glass-topped desk with matching shelving and a futon, so I hope to be ready to go in about two weeks.

Mitchell is poised to move the harp in as soon as there is floor.

Touches like valences and pillow can wait a bit, until I have time to go look for the right fabric.  I have enough Webb-family genes that I plan to make all that myself.

Meanwhile, breakfasts on the new patio to enjoy the garden and then a bit of weed pulling, trimming, or whatever needs to be done.  My list is more than a page long, so plenty to keep me busy for a few weeks until it's too hot - even early in the mornings. 
Had planned to show you the sunrise this morning, but overslept.
This is 5:30-ish.
I hope to post a bit more frequently now, even if it's only Wednesday Workdays. 

Hope all of you will have as good a June as I am planning!

Monday, May 25, 2015

In Memory

of Lewis Burwell Puller, Jr.   (1948 - 1994)



Advocate for the Disabled


Pulitzer Prize Winner





Though he came home to us, he never really left Vietman.

 "To the list of names of victims of the Vietnam War, add the name of Lewis Puller ... He suffered terrible wounds that never really healed".   .. Toddy Puller, 1994