Friday, November 4, 2011

Only an Idiot...

We're on the road this weekend - perhaps more about that in the next few days - but I wanted to share this notice in our room.

Do you need to see it a little bigger?
I'm thinking the same idiot who would hang his clothes on the sprinkler head, would sue for damage when they get wet!  But, you gotta believe that this sign would not exist if it weren't needed.

Monday, October 31, 2011

Halloween Flowers in the House

Jane's (Small But Charming) challenge this month to do "Halloween flowers" was a bit of a push for me, but what is life without a challenge?
First, I totally stole her idea of using a pumpkin as the vase.  But orange is not a favorite color of mine, so I went with a softly green one instead. Depending on the light, this beauty can look green, or gray, or even nearly black ... is there such a thing as "light black"?

It's bit large for the number of flowers available in my garden, so I also bought flowers - a pre-mixed bunch and a bunch of coral alstromeria.  (Did I mention oasis, florist tape, and florist "picks".  I did not use the latter two, but am now prepared for the future!  Well, if I can figure out how to actually use them.)

The final product is full of chrysanthemums (purple and green), the coral alstroemeria, and lots of sedum 'Madronna' from my garden.  It is nearly dried, but retains a pinky-brown color that I loved with the pumpkin.  The "bride" flowers are pale coral lilies (not all open yet), with a supporting cast of miscellaneous blossoms and foliage that came in the mixed bunch - one purple stock and other stuff.  [That would be a technical term, I think.]

I didn't like the bright orange chrysanthemums in the mixed bunch, so put them with all the other leftover blooms and some rosemary from the garden into a little bouquet for the kitchen.

If you haven't seen all the others participating in this month's flower display, be sure to hop over to Jane's place and look at the links.  Thanks, Jane.  This was fun!

Sunday, October 30, 2011

We Escaped!

While Mother Nature was dumping heavy, wet snow up the East Coast north of me, we awoke this morning to the first frost.  Somehow, I had forgotten the charm of these early fall frosts - the rising sun just kissing the trees and shrubs.

A hardy salvia still holding its own.
Shrubs kissed by the frost.
And, a day full of promise.  A day to light the fire, to read a good book, and to open a nice bottle of wine.  Fall's not so bad, after all!