Sunday, June 26, 2011

Flowers in the House!

Two lovely warm - not hot! - days in the yard. Mostly sitting and enjoying [yes, with a bit of wine!] but time to cut a few poseys for the house.

Hydrangeas, of course. Some of everything in bloom: 'Bailmer', 'Taube', 'Glowing Embers', and 'Nigra'. Only 'Lady in Red' has not yet started blooming. I think she needs more water.

And then a handful of everything: shasta daisies, 'Bailmer' hydrangea, gerbera daisy, monarda 'Raspberry Wine', cat mint, pink yarrow, lavender, and heliotrope.

And, one more hydrangea for the kitchen.

What more could a girl ask? Can't wait to see what everyone else has! If you're not a "regular" to Monday Flowers in the House, follow me over there and see who's playing this week!