Monday, May 18, 2015

The Pond is Gone - part 2

When I put in the pond, I also created a seating area so that one could actually sit and look at the fish.  With the pond gone and a new sitting area to replace it, the "old" sitting area needed to go, too. 
The crabapple tree was behind the glider in the summer of 2009, but died a couple of years later. 

This was actually very easy and took minimal effort.   With the tree gone, the glider was sitting in full sun all day and we never used it.  While its view of the pond was wonderful, it just wasn't a pleasant place to be. 
Granted, this was taken in early March before anything started coming up, but you can see that it was a pretty barren place to be!
The barrel held oregano - like the area's largest single clump - that i have used extensively in cooking, so I wanted to maintain that, but not necessarily in such a huge clump.  And, the barrel was rotting away.  

Another blue pot to the rescue. 

This one contains a new rosemary, along with new oregano and just for fun two stevia plants.
All done and planted with Romas and Brandywine tomatoes. 
So a little soil clean up, and an afternoon of Mitchell's time making a raised bed, and voila!  A new bed for Roma tomatoes for this summer's red sauce.  I can hardly wait.
Almost Heaven!
And, finally I promised you the view if you are sitting on the glider now.  Breakfast out here is becoming a habit!