Thursday, January 26, 2012

One Hour

It's amazing what one hour outside on a warm winter's afternoon will do for you.  66 degrees and a big yellow thing up there.  [Wikipedia calls it a "sun".]
An hour's worth of pulling weeds, 
and a walk around the yard produced some nice surprises.

I knew the hellebores were blooming, but they are everywhere.  Perhaps a "picking trip" is called for before the rain comes back later ....
And, the camellia is finally doing its thing.
A nice hour, indeed. 

Monday, January 23, 2012

Flower in House

It's in the 30's and sleeting and you want flowers?  Not so simple.  A trip to the grocery store - I know, I know.  But it's close by and has a huge selection of flowers - just nothing I really wanted.  
Then on to the florist.  They also had a huge selection and several things that I loved, but have you seen the price of fresh flowers in January?  I wanted the callas and was bound and determined to have protea, until my wallet said "ouch!" ...  I got tulips - a lovely shade of dark purple.
Remember that tulips are one of my very favorite flowers - truly.  It's just that I had really wanted to try my hand at "arranging" this month.  With tulips, it's more my normal "plunk in a vase" situation.
The other flowers that I have today are leftover alstroemeria from last week.  I love them and get a big bunch nearly every other weekend.

I have particularly enjoyed this little one.  It had broken off the a main stalk, but this nifty little vase has a "frog" built in and lets me stand up individual blossoms.  It's nice to have on the table next to my chair.

Hope you have been over to Small But Charming to see who else Jane is hosting this month.  Our friends in the southern hemisphere should have lots of great stuff to chase away the winter blahs!