Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Wednesday Workday

 Most of the heavy lifting this week was actually done by Mother Nature. The annual seeds I planted last week are already peeking out from under the mulch...
... as are the cannas ...
... and some new dahlias I put in two weeks ago.
I did a lot of trimming backthat should have been done weeks [or months!] ago, and a good bit of weeding. 
The geraniums are a reliable spring bloomer, 
and the peonies are just getting started.  This clump is primarily white and will be gorgeous in a few days.  I am seriously thinking of digging about half of it up this fall and putting in more pink varieties.  (Anyone want a white peony in September?  Seriously, let me know.)

The one big job I did this week was to net the blueberry bush.  You don't see a "bush"?  Someday you will!  We had nearly four good sized handfuls of berries last year and two the year before, but the birds seem to think that they are fair game.  Once the berries mature this year, I need to trim it into a more bush-like shape so that it continues to grow in a better shape.
This little beauty came up apparently out of no where.  Belinda, is it an astrantia?  I think it is, but have no idea where it came from.  I did plant astrantia this spring and they are coming up nicely, but this little one came up all by itself in another area.  Leaves look similar .... I'm thinking it's a gift.
Can't end this without sharing Scarlette O'Hara.  Truly a "single" peony, she has only ten petals, but they are deep, dark pink - much darker than the picture, I think - and the golden stamens are something to behold.  They are too pretty to leave out in the garden, so I cut them and brought them in to enjoy.
And, I did cut a peony or two for the table.

Monday, April 30, 2012

Yep. There are Flowers in the House

Many from the garden - allium, salvia, poppies, larkspur, Bachelor's Buttons and ink berry for greenery.
And, from the locally-owned florist ..... ta da .... ranunculus!
Life is good.
At last!

Now, zip on over to Jane's house to see who else has a posey on the mantle.  Thanks, Jane, for hosting!