Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Wednesday Workday

 Most of the heavy lifting this week was actually done by Mother Nature. The annual seeds I planted last week are already peeking out from under the mulch...
... as are the cannas ...
... and some new dahlias I put in two weeks ago.
I did a lot of trimming backthat should have been done weeks [or months!] ago, and a good bit of weeding. 
The geraniums are a reliable spring bloomer, 
and the peonies are just getting started.  This clump is primarily white and will be gorgeous in a few days.  I am seriously thinking of digging about half of it up this fall and putting in more pink varieties.  (Anyone want a white peony in September?  Seriously, let me know.)

The one big job I did this week was to net the blueberry bush.  You don't see a "bush"?  Someday you will!  We had nearly four good sized handfuls of berries last year and two the year before, but the birds seem to think that they are fair game.  Once the berries mature this year, I need to trim it into a more bush-like shape so that it continues to grow in a better shape.
This little beauty came up apparently out of no where.  Belinda, is it an astrantia?  I think it is, but have no idea where it came from.  I did plant astrantia this spring and they are coming up nicely, but this little one came up all by itself in another area.  Leaves look similar .... I'm thinking it's a gift.
Can't end this without sharing Scarlette O'Hara.  Truly a "single" peony, she has only ten petals, but they are deep, dark pink - much darker than the picture, I think - and the golden stamens are something to behold.  They are too pretty to leave out in the garden, so I cut them and brought them in to enjoy.
And, I did cut a peony or two for the table.


  1. Such gorgeous peonies! I have not grown them before, they are spectacular, how long do those blooms last?

    Sounds like you had a great workday.

    1. A hard question to answer. In the garden the blooms probably last 4-5 days (full open). I am cutting them for the house while the buds are not really open - someone whom I think knows way more than I suggested that. So far, they have been in the house three days and have not opened much more, so I am anticipating at least 7 - 10 days. The fully open blooms last about four days inside. The chart says zones 3-8, so you could probably grow them if you water a bit.

  2. Webb, Everything is absolutely lovely. I wish I were closer, I would stop in for a white peony. I need to move my sweet pink one. It just doest get enough sun. Don't you just love those little surprises that show up in the garden? I believe we must give thanks to those sweet birds. Have a wonderful day. Bonnie

  3. Great that they last that long inside. Jane knows her stuff :-).

    I am learning to quit fighting Mom as it leads to frustration and disappointment. But those are awfully nice blooms ...

  4. Wow, you've done a lot in your garden. We can't wait to get home and start our herbs and flowers. Hopefully the last frost is behind us.

  5. Hi Webb, yes it is def an anstrantia, and a really nice, dark one like 'Hapsden's Blood' or the like. Bonus! You asked about cutting back b buttons and love in the mist (actually you said 'love in the valley' which might be somenthing different??) - but with all annuals, the thing is to keep cutting back and more will spring up. Just make sure it is not too lowdown near the ground, and that you have cut just above a bud or nodule that can then grow on. With b button it is a real job to keep on top of the cutting, but if you don't and the blooms are left to fade the whole plant will go over much quicker. I'm not sure how long they will keep pumping out the blooms in your hotter climes, but mine kept going all summer. Love in the mist is shorter lived, because when you harvest the first blooms, the later ones get smaller and smaller I find. Do leave some of the blooms to ripen because the real coup with them is the seedpods make stunning additions to your cut flowers too - so enjoy them. It strikes me you might have been referring to Lily of the Valley, which I have failed to grow well in my garden for some reason and so can't advise - looked perfect in royal wedding bouquet though! Bxx