Friday, February 27, 2015

Counting Down ... Finally!

Thirteen weeks from today.  Ninety-one days from tomorrow.  

In three months I am retiring!  

When I set the date - nearly two years ago - i bemoaned the fact that I still had so long to wait, but a very wise woman [a blogger friend in Arizona] told me that "anyone can do 24 months".  And, she was right.  I did move the date up by three months, but even counting that, the time has flown.

Am I excited?  absolutely?

Am I nervous?  Not at all.

Am I worried about what to do?  Never.  I have plans, plans, plans.

Obviously, the garden is high on my list of priorities and i have three projects slated for the outside. 

We'll be turning the current office into a library/music room, so that's a big indoor project.  I hope to take some classes at the community college.  

And, i have a lead on a community group that is working on voter registration.  Virginia is one of those states that has recently enacted legislation that requires more complicated voter ID, so i would like to help people complete the necessary paperwork.

That should be a start ... don't you think?
Two more days and this awful February will be gone.  Two more weeks and we should start seeing signs of spring.  It's time to get back outside, and to start blogging again.  Be seeing you soon!

Thursday, February 26, 2015

This morning I awoke to this:

and this: 

and this.

It all started Presidents' Day with snow, followed on Friday by the coldest temperatures I've ever seen.  

Then snow and more snow.  Some of it dry and fluffy and some of it wet, but still fluffy.  All of it cold!

At lunch time I heard the crunch of someone shoveling snow ....

... in my driveway.  Our across-the-street neighbors (who are enjoying a snow day) were shoveling our driveway!  I guess that officially makes us the "old people down the street", but i have to admit that i really appreciate it. 

I see muffins in my immediate future - muffins to take to those big, strong shovelin' men.

Even the garden benches are not available today.

They sit cold and forlorn waiting for spring.  Soon, i hope, soon.  Hope conditions are improving wherever you are!