Monday, September 26, 2011

Flowers in the House

Jane's challenge is getting more difficult, since most of the summer flowers are going fast, and the fall flowers, aka chrysanthemums and asters, are just starting to bloom.

,I was able to pull together sedum ('Madrona'), the last of the fall anemones (most of the petals are gone), and lady's mantle, with some greenery from "pacific daisies", Solomon's seal, and the seed heads of my vitex tree.  The latter was inspired by Belinda at Wild Acres who uses all sorts of non-flowers in her arrangements.  The heavy rains we got this week didn't help either, since they beat down all of the tall flowers and damaged so many things - like the lady's mantle.

I had picked one stem of a different sedum - this one is 'Neon', I think - and had a couple pieces of lady's mantle left over, so I [literally] stuck them into this little vase to keep next to my reading chair.  (It looks like we live in a dungeon, but that's just the heavy cloud cover today.  It's really a bright cheery room most of the time!)  Imagine a glass of wine on that coaster, and my Kindle or a real book near by and you have my favorite reading spot!

Hope you've had a great weekend -well, at least a restful one!  And, go see what everyone else has blooming inside today.  Start at Jane's.