Sunday, January 29, 2012

A Baby Step

I have [at least] two gardening goals for 2012.  First, to grow a significant cutting garden.  There will be much more about that as the season progresses.  And, secondly, to learn to arrange flowers.  That will be be a big undertaking, but I am committed to doing more than just plopping blossoms into containers this year.

This weekend I bought mini-roses, rather than my usual alstoemeria.  A baby step.  I added dwarf English laurel (Prinus lauarocerasus 'Otto Luyken'), rosemary and dried sedum flower heads from the yard.
The container is a cache pot that came from Mother.  I've always liked it and the pale coral was good with the slightly coral flowers.  I'm please with the result, but not yet ready to tackle a mixed bouquet. 

One small step ....