Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Happy New Year!

It's impossible that another year is over.  It seems like only yesterday that Mitchell and I were planning our annual New Year's Party for Two, and now it's time again. 
Very different planning this year, since Mitchell has the flu - yep! that one.  Fortunately, he is only miserable and not at death's door.  We both had flu and pneumonia shots, so even tho he apparently has the rogue strain, he's doing ok.

Did you  know that Tamiflu costs nearly $13 per dose!  OMG!  imagine a family of five getting this stuff. 

Anyway, it appears that our feast tonight will be chicken noodle soup for him, and leftovers for me.  i think we can survive!  Don't much plan on seeing midnight, either.

Thank you for hopping over here occasionally to read, and especially those of you who comment.  Thanks for your support when there were issues and for your encouragement when there were challenges.   It enriches my life to know that i have blog-friends out there.

My 2015 wishes for you are:

Peace - at home, in our communities and in the world.  Maybe in 2015 we can learn to live together and respect each others' differences instead of being afraid of them. 

Prosperity - whatever you are doing, i hope it goes well and keeps you comfortable. 

Health - enough with the surgeries, flu, and other bugs that are going around.  Let's all stay healthy this year. 

Laughter -  a smile goes a long way toward curing whatever ails you!

And, the love of friends and family.