Thursday, October 17, 2013

Wednesday ... er, Thursday Workday

After complaining about all the rainy, gray weather recently I received a gift from Mother Nature today - a gorgeous, how-can-I-best-get-out-into-the-garden day.  It's been sunny and warm, but not hot, with a little bit of breeze.  Perfect for diving into cleaning up the front border.  I believe that is #2 on the Fall Project list. 
This is where I started at 8:30 ...

And, this is where I ended around noon.
Around the curve (right upper edge of border) I've added Hakone grass which will give me fluffy, duffy varigated grass that has a pinkish (surprise!) tone as it matures.  It will help carry out the burgundies of fall.
Hakonechloa m 'Naomi'
There was also a trip in there to the garden center for material to re-do the big planter,
 which now looks like this.
 Pansies (lavender and purple), Swiss chard, red lettuce, sage and ornamental peppers.
And, then a little impulse buy that looks a bit like this:
Hydrangea paniculata Renhy 'Vanilla Strawberry'
It has a very different leaf from most hydrangeas, but is deciduous so they will be gone soon.
In a couple of years it may look like this:
And, finally there's the David Austin rose ['Sister Elizabeth'] that seems to just love the fall weather and is blooming her little heart out.
Can hardly wait for her to get a couple of summers under her belt and fill out.
Life is good!

Sunday, October 13, 2013

Rain, Rain, Go Away!

This is what our weather has been since last Tuesday:
Sunday's Forecast
See that dark green band over Virginia?  Imagine my house in the middle of that.

And, this is the plan for the next week:
At least it will be a bit warmer...
Now, I like rain as much as the next girl - probably more - but enough is enough!