Monday, July 2, 2012

A Wee Micro-burst

The winds howled.  The rain poured down.  The hail rattled the windows.

Leaves were shredded and blown away.

The trees bent until some broke ... taking out the power lines all over the neighborhood.
See the hole in the upper right of the elm?
Fortunately, there was not much serious damage and the power company quickly got crews out trimming the trees.  But two days without power is plenty long!  Happy to have it back.

That was Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday - a week ago.

[Imagine a video here - shot by a neighbor and promised, but not delivered.  He was shooting the storm when the lines touched and shorted out the street.  I had been planning to show you the , well, the show!]

Trimming the trees is always a dicey proposition for me.  Our best tree and the one most likely to cause trouble - power line-wise - is an American Elm.  It shades our deck and is a lovely tree - with no signs of having consorted with the Dutch Elms!  I love this tree.
Sadly, there were two problems:  It lost four small branches in the storm, and it had grown too close to the auxiliary lines at the back of our property.  "Gotta be trimmed," says the power company.  So, I spent the past week sucking up to, er... getting to know, the crew chief of the tree trimmers.  They moved in this morning with bucket and saws and cut the absolute least they had to cut.  Overall, I'm very pleased. 

In the process, tho, I also lost the Charlie Brown crab apple.
We bought this tree for $7.50 at the end of our first summer in this house and have nursed it and trimmed it for 12 years until it was a pretty shape and had started producing large numbers of crab apples to feed the critters.  For the past two summers, tho, I have fought the blight - cutting back more and more branches in the hope of saving it.  But it is much worse this year, so the tree men took it down, too. 
Crabapple - see the dying tips?  This is after the storm removed the worst of it.
The final victim of the storm was the tomato patch.  The wind beat them down and knocked off 90% of the blossoms.  With a little luck, and strips of tee shirt, they will survive.

More storms predicted for the next five nights, but hopefully not as strong as those last week.