Thursday, June 4, 2015

Wednesday Workday .... Cancelled!

Cancelled on account of much needed rain.
So, thoughts and some updates instead.

Retirement 101

This was my first official week of retirement.  It was nice to get up every morning, to to Jazzercise and then "retire" to the garden to work.  That was good for Monday and Tuesday and then the monsoons came.  We are not talking Texas-style rain, thank you very much, but the kind that gardeners love ... slow and steady and for two and a half days and counting.  It is supposed to move out mid-day tomorrow.  So far, we have 2.5 inches - enough to replenish the ground level water - at least for a few weeks. 
The first hydrangeas of the season.  More than I had all last year.
There were several things on my "to do" list for the week, but they will wait until next week.

Replacing the Floors

Three days of hanging out at Starbucks and Panera while three strong young men labored at the house, and the floors are done ... again.  We like the results and actually like this wood better than the "old", so it's all good.  An added benefit was that we cleaned out a few things as we packed up all the bookcases.  

Now we just have to unpack and replace everything wherever it belongs.  The insurance company has been great to work with ... we were really lucky with that, I think. 

This is Why we Blog

In the mailbox today was a lovely box of apricots!  Home grown apricots from Arizona, thanks to the very wonderful Annika at Living a Dream!  I have drooled in her comments box for several years as her yield has grown annually, and she sent me a whole box - all my own!!  They are delicious.
Sweet and perfectly ripe.  Delicious!
But more importantly, they are a thoughtful gesture of friendship from someone i know only thru our blogs.
There's a great community out here supporting each other and caring about each others' lives.  You can't beat that.  It's reason enough to keep posting - even if one doesn't have anything to say everyday. 

Thanks so much, Annika!