Sunday, January 24, 2016

Baby, it's Deep Outside!

The blizzard of '16 is finally gone.  I understand it has a name, and altho we have definitely been introduced, I don't know what it is.  It matters not.  S/he dumped a lot of white stuff in my neck of the woods. 
Friday morning - one hour of snow.
Sunday morning - all the snow.
Look closely and you can see the pot.
The weather guessers are saying 12-14 inches fell, but with the drifting it's greatly more and greatly less depending on what the wind did and when.  Fortunately, it's pretty dry and fluffy, but getting a foot or so off the driveway will be a challenge.  We suddenly realize that we are the "elderly people" on our block - you know, the ones that the newsfolk have been warning people to check on.  Would someone please check on our driveway?  I have an appointment on Thursday!

New Cryptomeria.  It's 33 inches tall, but only 11 inches above the snow now.

The new veggie garden - that fence is 24 inches tall.

The view down the street.  So far, two vehicles have been down the street,
altho neither was a plow.
Who can resist snow-covered nandina?

The 'Carolina Yellow Jessamine' is fully budded and ready to open....
well, I hope it will open now.

It is pretty tho!  and, we have plenty of food and wine.  Let the hibernating continue.