Sunday, January 24, 2016

Baby, it's Deep Outside!

The blizzard of '16 is finally gone.  I understand it has a name, and altho we have definitely been introduced, I don't know what it is.  It matters not.  S/he dumped a lot of white stuff in my neck of the woods. 
Friday morning - one hour of snow.
Sunday morning - all the snow.
Look closely and you can see the pot.
The weather guessers are saying 12-14 inches fell, but with the drifting it's greatly more and greatly less depending on what the wind did and when.  Fortunately, it's pretty dry and fluffy, but getting a foot or so off the driveway will be a challenge.  We suddenly realize that we are the "elderly people" on our block - you know, the ones that the newsfolk have been warning people to check on.  Would someone please check on our driveway?  I have an appointment on Thursday!

New Cryptomeria.  It's 33 inches tall, but only 11 inches above the snow now.

The new veggie garden - that fence is 24 inches tall.

The view down the street.  So far, two vehicles have been down the street,
altho neither was a plow.
Who can resist snow-covered nandina?

The 'Carolina Yellow Jessamine' is fully budded and ready to open....
well, I hope it will open now.

It is pretty tho!  and, we have plenty of food and wine.  Let the hibernating continue.


  1. It does look beautiful, and wonderful that the sun is out now to show it off. Good it happened over a weekend? Life will be different by Thursday. By the way, the storm was Jonas :). Stay warm!

    1. Jonas, eh? more like Jonah, ithink!

  2. Your pictures are lovely. Enjoy the hibernating!

  3. It is pretty. I hope you stayed safe and that someone plowed your driveway. I used to enjoy a good snow storm, but as I get older and have to go out in it - all I can think of is hassle.