Saturday, November 12, 2016

The Freeze Cometh ....

All the Weather Guessers are predicting a real killing freeze tonight, so it seemed like one last walk-about was important. Altho we will still have plenty of warm days and nights above 32, lots of things will be dead tomorrow. 

The brightest spot in the garden - both literally and figuratively - belongs to the marigolds.  Since i pulled out the tomatoes some weeks ago, they have continued to grow and glow.  [They are on the "menu" for Wednesday, as well.]

The tiny rose continues to bloom prolifically and will probably not care about the cold night. 

The same with the chrysanthemums.

This azalea is NOT a re-bloomer, but decided a few days ago to throw out some extra fall blooms.  I suspect they will be gone in the morning. 

Don't know about the galliarda ...  this is a first time plant for me.  Since i planted them in early October, they have doubled in size and bloomed steadily.  I will be sorry to see them go.

We are in a warm spot of Zone 7.  Typically in this zone the first frost is October 15th, but we seldom get one until around the 5th of November.  And, a first freeze at mid-November is about right.  So the seasons seem to be on time this year and we move steadily on toward the really cold nights to come.

The deciduous holly is covered in berries for the birds, as are the nandinas.  While the fothergilla is turning from green to gold to russet.  It's nice that you can depend on it. 

Only 90 days until we start to see the beginnings of spring, and less than that until the camellias and hellebores bloom and we start all over again.