Friday, February 4, 2011

Mrs. Speaker

British politics is so much more fun than in the U.S. This lovely lady is Debbie Boehner, wife of the Speaker of the House on this side of the pond.

And, this lovely lady is Sally Bercow, wife of the Speaker of the House of Commons in London.

Merry Old England, indeed!

Monday, January 31, 2011

Monday, Flower Day!

Jane over at Small, But Charming challenged a bunch of us to photograph whatever flowers (or other growing things) we have in the house today.

I have a lovely pot of purple hyacinths. They came straight from the grocery store last week and took a couple of days to open fully. I kept moving them away from the fireplace so that they would be perfect today.

I had hoped to show you either camellias or hellebores, but neither is in bloom yet. Both are late, late, late! Maybe next week.

Go see what Jane has going, too.

Sunday, January 30, 2011

Which Way, Egypt?

Have you found yourself following Egypt this week? It reminds me so much of the week that the Berlin Wall came down, or the demonstrations in Tienanmen Square. It's fascinating to think that we may be watching a new Egypt being born, especially when you think how very, very old Egypt is. Think about that - before the New Testament, way before.

Of course, we Americans assume that when a country changes government, they will certainly want to choose our form of democracy and it ain't always that simple. We thought that the Afghans would jump delightedly into American-style democracy as soon as we got rid of Saddam for them. It hasn't worked out that way.

You can hear our political leaders walking a narrow line now. Wanting to encourage a more democratic form of government, but hoping that the majority party will not be an Islamic one. We can't really have it both ways, you know.

So, we will watch and wait. We can hope that the Egypt that emerges will be one with which we can continue to work. It will be interesting.


Down 14 pounds today. Liking the increased exercise and well aware of the relationship between more exercise and more food! Just wish I could move down to a smaller pants size. Makes me wonder how tight was I wearing them?