Monday, January 31, 2011

Monday, Flower Day!

Jane over at Small, But Charming challenged a bunch of us to photograph whatever flowers (or other growing things) we have in the house today.

I have a lovely pot of purple hyacinths. They came straight from the grocery store last week and took a couple of days to open fully. I kept moving them away from the fireplace so that they would be perfect today.

I had hoped to show you either camellias or hellebores, but neither is in bloom yet. Both are late, late, late! Maybe next week.

Go see what Jane has going, too.


  1. Ooh, I can smell those! Heavenly!

  2. Sublime colour and scent. My hellebores are slow too. x

  3. Lovely hyacinths. You cant beat them for their scent and pretty colours. Do post your helebores and camelias next week ..please!Sinead

  4. Delicious! Love the color and scent.

    Well done on the care.

    We should do this again.

    xo Jane

  5. Oh man, one of my favorite blooms! Just beautiful!

  6. Thanks, all. Glad the hyacinths touched a spot for everyone! I'm up for doing this a couple of weeks until it finally warms up - you know, in August!

  7. Ohh,,I was so tempted today. Now I know I have to go back and get them.
    I bet yours smell wonderful Webb !!

    Jeanne xx

  8. I love the look of hyacinths but my sweet husband can't abide the I will enjoy yours.