Saturday, February 23, 2013

Hotty Totty

Hotty Totty?  oops!  That would be my niece, who is a graduate of Old Miss.  
What I meant to say was ...

Hot Toddy.

We are sharing a case of mini-flu this weekend.  Mitchell has the congestion and cough, while I have the sore throat and achy body.  No one has claimed the high fever, thank goodness, so it's available if anyone wants it.

But, there is a cure - a sure fire Southern cure for this 
particular malody.  
The hot toddy.  Lovingly made with hot tea, lots of lemon (or lime if you must), honey and the best bourbon you are willing to waste on tea.  You will see that I did not pull out the sour mash.  Oh, no, my dears.  Never!
Elizabeth, my long time (notice, not "old") friend and college roommate, will attest that we cured many the coed of  laryngitis during rush with this medicine.

So I am taking it for medicinal purposes only.  Will celebrate Margarita Day (which was yesterday) as soon as I am feeling well enough for cold beverages.

Hope you are faring better this last weekend in the dismal month of February.  Time for a return to the Met on the radio.  Carmen today.  
And, another sip of medicine.