Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Happy Polar Vortex Day

Nothing unites us like complaining  about the weather.  And, that means about 90% of those in the U.S. today.

It was a balmy 12 degrees when I got up this morning, but I had missed the record low of 10 degrees.  It was also what a former boss would have described as "a glorious day in the Commonwealth"  ... crystal clear air with the sun rising orangly bright.  My first clue that it might be different was when my breath froze on the storm door.
Schools were delayed; many businesses opened late;  individuals were encouraged to stay home if they did not have to go out today.  When I went to a lunch meeting it seemed like there was less traffic and parking seemed more available than usual.  But, it wasn't as breath-takingly cold as I expected.  We Virginians don't do cold all that well, so we take cautious measures that our cousins in Wisconsin would scoff at!

When i took two weeks off from work over the holidays, i really had not planned to also take two weeks off from the Garden Bench, but i have been a slug for the past two weeks ... and i have loved every minute of it!  Have been feeling guilty about reading your posts without contributing anything of my own, but then i really spent some time considering why i seem so devoid of ideas every winter.

In reality, i work from home so have no interesting stories about what's happening out in my work world or with my co-workers.  I do administrative work, so no lovely arrangements are made to be shared; no greenhouses are planted; no lovely French wine bought and sold.  I'm not a creative cook, so no neat recipes to share - altho i do enjoy making yours!  No house under construction or renovation this year.  I don't want to drag politics or religion into this space - at least not often.  I am a garden blogger, pure and simple.  And, right now the garden is even more lethargic than i am.  In looking back over the past four years - four years! - of bloviating about sharing my life and times outside in my favorite spot, i see the same pattern repeated annually.  So, i am making a decision to not worry about it. 

I will be here reading what's going on with you, and commenting now and then.  But, if nothing has inspired me, then i won't be writing anything.  The Olympics are coming up and that may catch my attention enough to write [especially if the uniforms are interesting this time], but no promises.  March will be here soon enough.
So Happy New Year. 

Hope that this Polar Vortex will take itself back to the North Pole where it belongs and that the next blast will not be so widely shared.  And, that each and every one of you will have the best year ever!