Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Wednesday Workday

Having passed up a walk in the park with my favorite six-month old gentleman [I'm keeping this cold to myself, thank you very much!], I still managed nearly an hour in the garden this afternoon.  It was 60 degrees in the sun and not very windy, so a most enjoyable reminder that in three or four more weeks we will have good gardening weather nearly every day.  And, at least one little reminder that spring is truly on the way.
It is pure clean up and clear out time for me.  Most of this work should have been done last fall. [I wonder if I will ever get the fall work done in a fall?]

I cleared this corner about 10 days ago on another warm afternoon.  Sadly we lost a buddelia over the winter, so I plan to put a new one in the center back of all this open space.
And, I cleared this corner today.
It's coming slowly, but a few more warm afternoons will help.
Ended up with enough warm time left to have a few sips of an adult beverage on the deck.

Life is getting better!