Friday, June 28, 2013


Welcome to Lilyville!  
 Burgundy and yellow day lilies in front, then burgundy and pink orientals and 'Happy Returns' mini day lily in back.
 'Cobra' from Maplecrest Lilies.
 Pink - from Maplecrest - variety unknown.
 Remember that I got a bit carried away in February when I was buying and ordering bulbs and not keeping very good track of what I had ordered?  

 'Strawberry and Cream' from The Lily Garden.
 'Silk Road' from The Lily Garden.  I think the center may darken as this one matures.
I chose four bulbs from The Lily Country on Marie's recommendation, only to find fifteen (yes, 15!) bulbs that i had purchased at the Home Show and stored in the cool storage room.  Then then there were a couple more from .... somewhere.  
 Have no idea what this is, or where I got it.  Only know that it is six feet tall and drop dead gorgeous!
These were all orientals, since I already have lots of daylilies and one clump of asiatics.

 Lilium 'Tiny Ghost'
And, they were nearly all shades of pink.  There is supposed to be one white one, but so far that one has not opened.  Hadn't really planned to make such a big splash with one flower, but wow!  am so glad i did.  Mother Nature is looking out for me again.

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Wednesday Workday

As much as I could just sit and look at it, the garden still has plenty of little chores to keep me busy.  The first of July - ok, I am a week early, and that's a first! - is time to start cleaning up the iris.  They were lovely in April, but by now they are beginning to dry out and get ready for dormancy. 

This is actually one of the easiest chores of the summer.  Just clean out all the debris and cut back the scapes.  They look fairly stupid afterwards, but it keeps them from blowing in the fall wind or getting crushed under snow in the winter, and cuts down on the critters.
This is the biggest bed completely done for the year.  I have three small areas that I will get done in the next couple of days.  Am a bit concerned about this bed, because the dirt keeps drifting over the rizones and burying them deeper.  So far, they don't seem to mind and I have not lost any to rot, so am not doing any major work on re-setting them this year.  Just no mulch in this area. 
Less than an hour later.  This is really an easy job!
One of the three smaller beds is really getting overgrown.  It's a big clump of the huge bearded pink iris - cultivar sadly unknown - that Mother gave me years ago for Christmas.  Seriously.  How she found iris in December, I do not know.  But what a wonderful gift!  [I think Mitchell was a bit confused, but i was delighted.]
Free to a good home.
Any way, there is enough of it to share.  Would be happy to send a clump to you - several of you - if you would like to try it in your garden.  Apparently hardly zones 3-9; needs 6-8 hours of sun in growing season (spring); minimal water and will be fine in poor soil.  If you would like to give them a try, drop me an email to and send me a shipping address.  First come, first served until I run out!
 Part of this clump could be moving to your garden soon.

Monday, June 24, 2013

Flowers, flowers, flowers in the House!

This  - finally - is what all that planning and planting is all about!  Enough flowers to just cut what I want and bring it inside.

After many years of leaving them all in the garden, I have finally started cutting my calla lilies.  Why have I let them stay outside, instead of enjoying them right where I can see them.  These are now on the coffee table - front and center!

And, no, this is not last week's bunch of posies!  Altho it looks very similar.  Mitchell liked the low rectangular vase so much that I used it again this week.  This time I added zinnias to the callas and monarda, instead of hydrangeas and salvia.  Next week, I think it will be zinnias and salvia.  I miss the touch of blue.   These babies are on the dining room table.
Another flower i seldom cut for the house is garden phlox.  These are the first blooms with some scabiosa, and a bit of salvia.  Why don't i cut these more often?
And last, a  single lacecap hydrangea next to my chair.  This is 'Taube' - so simple and so pretty!

 Go visit Jane and see what other folks have in their gardens and houses today.  And, thanks to Belinda for dragging me kicking and screaming into the cutting garden.  It's a lot of fun!