Monday, June 24, 2013

Flowers, flowers, flowers in the House!

This  - finally - is what all that planning and planting is all about!  Enough flowers to just cut what I want and bring it inside.

After many years of leaving them all in the garden, I have finally started cutting my calla lilies.  Why have I let them stay outside, instead of enjoying them right where I can see them.  These are now on the coffee table - front and center!

And, no, this is not last week's bunch of posies!  Altho it looks very similar.  Mitchell liked the low rectangular vase so much that I used it again this week.  This time I added zinnias to the callas and monarda, instead of hydrangeas and salvia.  Next week, I think it will be zinnias and salvia.  I miss the touch of blue.   These babies are on the dining room table.
Another flower i seldom cut for the house is garden phlox.  These are the first blooms with some scabiosa, and a bit of salvia.  Why don't i cut these more often?
And last, a  single lacecap hydrangea next to my chair.  This is 'Taube' - so simple and so pretty!

 Go visit Jane and see what other folks have in their gardens and houses today.  And, thanks to Belinda for dragging me kicking and screaming into the cutting garden.  It's a lot of fun!


  1. Oh Webb, look at your flowers!

    Calla lilies, so perfect and elegant.

    I finally planted one last year and was rewarded with two blooms.

    You've just made me want more. And that pink scabiosa is wonderful.

    Can't believe your phlox is blooming already.

    You're right, this is what gardening is all about:flowers in and out of the house!

    xo jane

  2. Those calla lilies are stunning.
    Happy summer!

  3. I love Phlox...can never grow it for some reason. Gorgeous arrangements/

  4. GO WEBB!! :) Look at all the gorgeous flowers you are harvesting now! Seriously chuffed to bits for you. xx

  5. Zinnias? you have zinnias? Wowser! and your monarda blooming too?
    When I was little in California, we used to pick(steal) the large, ubiquitous calla lilies and whip eachother, the houses, the cars: we thought they were hideous.

    Now, of course I treasure them!

    1. Saw calla lilies growing like weeds on a trip to Northern California years ago & asked my son
      what are those, growing wild along the side of the road? He said he didnt know, "some weed, probably. Theyre everywhere." I asked folks at Spring Hill (right name?) Nursery in Campbell the next day and they told me they are callas & they are everywhere in CA. Here in CO, callas are a luxury and i recently saw a smallish plant with only two blooms for $ 5.99. Some "roadside weed." Your garden looks great, Webb!

    2. p.s., thanks of course to Flwr Jane for putting together the FITH house show. We're hurtin' for blooms this year due to the long late nasty Winter, but the irises look good and masses of yellow Columbines are helping ease the shock sonewhat. the blue & yellow Columbine is our state flower (Colorado). Diane in Denver

  6. The goal of every gardener, inside outside, I think you've accomplished it.

  7. Love them all. I am still hesitant to cut and bring inside. Alas there is no room for a cutting garden in my shaded gardens.

  8. Mitchell's got good taste. I love that vase.

  9. I like that hydrangea.
    Gregory has been bringing me fresh flowers from outside lately, I need to remember to do a flowers in the house post :)

  10. Such abundance! Just gorgeous, and how wonderful to have enough to enjoy them both inside and outside. I am envious :-).

  11. I don't think we can grow calla lilies here. They're so elegant, and WOW, that second arrangements with the zinnias and bee balm is a stunner! Beautiful work.

  12. Ah shucks! It is a lot more fun this year with so much in bloom. Now, if i can just lighten up and do looser arrangements ... all will be well.