Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Consider the Marigolds ....

Actually, i have had to reconsider the marigolds.  

They have never been a favorite - you know, too orange or too gold.  But I planted some this year among the tomatoes to work their magic on keeping away the bugs.  

[I wonder if that is a myth?]

Now, as the rest of the garden is falling asleep and a nip is in the air, they continue to bloom and bloom and bloom.  Seen from the kitchen window they are first thing to catch the sunshine in the mornings and they catch it again in the mid-afternoon before it descends to its southern reaches in late fall and winter.  

Bottom line ... they have made me happy this year. 

Over the weekend Mitchell asked if we were "out of flowers".  The answer is "just about".  There are a few chrysanthemums left and some tiny roses, but not much that would look nice in a vase.   

But, there were plenty of marigolds.

Perhaps I need to re-think our relationship ...