Friday, June 28, 2013


Welcome to Lilyville!  
 Burgundy and yellow day lilies in front, then burgundy and pink orientals and 'Happy Returns' mini day lily in back.
 'Cobra' from Maplecrest Lilies.
 Pink - from Maplecrest - variety unknown.
 Remember that I got a bit carried away in February when I was buying and ordering bulbs and not keeping very good track of what I had ordered?  

 'Strawberry and Cream' from The Lily Garden.
 'Silk Road' from The Lily Garden.  I think the center may darken as this one matures.
I chose four bulbs from The Lily Country on Marie's recommendation, only to find fifteen (yes, 15!) bulbs that i had purchased at the Home Show and stored in the cool storage room.  Then then there were a couple more from .... somewhere.  
 Have no idea what this is, or where I got it.  Only know that it is six feet tall and drop dead gorgeous!
These were all orientals, since I already have lots of daylilies and one clump of asiatics.

 Lilium 'Tiny Ghost'
And, they were nearly all shades of pink.  There is supposed to be one white one, but so far that one has not opened.  Hadn't really planned to make such a big splash with one flower, but wow!  am so glad i did.  Mother Nature is looking out for me again.


  1. In my opinion, there is no such thing as overdoing it when it comes to flowers. The lilies are superb! Love the colors and different shapes. Do they have fragrance too?

    What a nice eyeful this morning. Thanks!

    1. The lilies smell wonderful, altho Mitchell thinks they smell like funerals. Too bad!

  2. Love the first picture with pinks, yellows and pale blues. very pretty !

  3. Glad you like it. That was the original color plan for the entire garden, but i keep falling in love with. darker hues!

  4. What a beautiful, happy accident all of those bulbs turned out to be!

  5. I love your lilies. Silk road should prove to be a knockout!

    Have you claimed your blog yet MissY?

    xo J.

  6. The Silk Road is beautiful (and course, so are all of the others). By chance would you have the company's website? I've looked everywhere and I'm unable to find it. Of course, I could just be pulling the guy thing like looking in the fridge...