Saturday, July 13, 2013

It's my First Time ....

I've wanted to for a long time, but I've resisted.

You all said it would be good ...

But I wasn't ready.  Until now.

My very first David Austin rose. 

Her name is Sister Elizabeth.

She's doing well and flowering.
April 18, 2013
I think the second time will be easier.


  1. Sister Elizabeth looks lovely. Your first time growing roses? Nah, can't believe that. Your first time growing a rose in a pot?

    Interesting, I was just thinking roses myself this week. How was dealing with David Austin?

    1. Years ago we inherited my father-in-law's rose collectin of about 150 roses - in terrible, neglected shape. I immediately pulled up all but about 25 and tried to save them. All hybrids with no scent and nothing interesting about them.

      I swore 'never again'. The DA is an 'old fashioned rose with fragrance and a bushy growth habit. Very different. So you are partly right - not my first roses. Ut the first of this type, and the first in a pot. Now, that should be interesting....

  2. Webb, Sister is lovely. I have yet to try a David Austin. They are lovely, but I have so little sun. So pretty!

  3. Nice work! Isn't so cool when we can actually get something to grow as beautiful as a rose?