Friday, February 4, 2011

Mrs. Speaker

British politics is so much more fun than in the U.S. This lovely lady is Debbie Boehner, wife of the Speaker of the House on this side of the pond.

And, this lovely lady is Sally Bercow, wife of the Speaker of the House of Commons in London.

Merry Old England, indeed!


  1. Very fun! Where do you dig this stuff up?

  2. Either merry or just plain old embarrassing! What a saucy lot they are in Westminster it seems!!

  3. Anneke - I first saw this story in the "crawl" during a newscast on MSNBC - seriously! It was fun to search out the photo, tho.

    Belinda, I have always admired the Brits for taking sexual scandal somewhat calmly. In the US, if a politician or some other public figure is caught "in flagrante dilicto" we behave as if he (usually "he") had invented sex, whereas you all usually take the "boys will be boys" attitude and life goes on.

    I am NOT suggesting that Mrs. Speaker DID anything. She only posed - poor judgment, but not poor behavior.

  4. Wow.....leave it to those Brits! LOL



  5. That is just sheer AWESOME!!! You know what I love about the British? They are so unhibited (and clearly I don't know how to spell that word). When Neal and I were in London during his first deployment, we spent the last couple of days just lounging in bed before it was back to war and we watched a lot of British television. We watch a lot of British television anyway..."Fry & Laurie", "MI-5", The original "The Office"...but we had never seen any of the commercials or their version of MTV. And all I can say is "WOW"...that would never go over here in the states. We are a country of prudes. And I'm not sure that's always such a good thing. Thanks for this post! I follow American politics pretty closely and I certainly knew who Mrs. Boehner was, but it's nice to know about her British counterpart. :-D

    And if you have a chance, you should look up YouTube's video of the British parliament. Talk about ROWDY!!

  6. Oh...uninhibited. Yeah. that's it. I'm still on my first cup of coffee...gah.