Sunday, February 6, 2011

Working at the Top of the Green

"Plie' right and left. Two slow, four fast. Let's do it again. Give me two more sets. We're almost to the top of the green. Are you still breathing?"


It's the prettiest morning in weeks - sun shining outside and in the 40's. Inside nineteen of us dancing and sweating in unison - fogging up the windows with the heat we're generating. I often wonder who we really are? Several are clearly retired - including two of the men who come regularly. Linda is a police officer who comes on her days off and Cindy works as a dispatcher for the county. Today there are no young mothers with toddlers in the day care room, altho there often are. Sid is rumored to be a former dancer. From the way she carries herself and dances (and the fact that she takes two classes every day) I suspect the rumors are true.

"Ok, chaussee' right, ball change to the front. Now back to the left and do it again. We're almost done at the top of the curve! This is the long set, let's keep it going." [If I keep it going for much longer I'll be working at the flat line!] "Skip it up to me four, now take it back. One more time and hold it right there."

"Grab your mats, weights and water bottles. Are you squeezing your glutes?"


[Squeezing my glutes? They died twenty minutes ago! Maybe tomorrow...]

Yes, definitely tomorrow.


Lost 15 pounds total and 5.8 inches and am still on track with the eating and exercise plan.

The eating plan is becoming part of my life, too. Last Monday night we were invited out to a fancy Italian restaurant and Saturday Mitchell wanted pizza for lunch. Both days I researched lower calorie choices for those restaurants (and for Italian food in general) and was able to eat something good but not use all my calories for the day. [And, I felt super virtuous at keeping to my plan, while Mitchell ate whatever showed up on his plate. There is nothing like a little competition with the spouse to keep one on track!]

The inches are still a bit more troubling. A total of 2.5 inches off the waist and 2 inches off the hips, so I should be thrilled.... and into smaller pants! But I am not. That pesky abdomen is not shrinking as fast as the rest of me. I know it's partly due to the post-menopausal change in our bodies that the pear gets bigger - think Anjou, not Bartlett! - but it makes the pants even more difficult to fit. I really could go down a size in the waist - you know, the big gap in the back of the waist - and I look like droopy drawers from the back, but I still need the space in the front. Aargh!

Oh, and the rest of that weight is off my back. I will be down a tee-shirt size this spring and already need a shopping trip for new bras.

So, it's all good news this week.


  1. You are an inspiration, you are really sticking to this and seeing the results now, enjoy buying the new t-shirts! I feel sure a trouser-buying spree is only around the corner.

  2. You are doing great! I understand the belly problem, being the same age. It may be the last place to go, but take pride in losing so much in other places already. It WILL happen, so stick with it and sing it out with The Pointer Sisters (they were some of my favorite Jazzercise routines). You are doing good things for yourself.

  3. Good work! I'm so proud of you!

  4. Down 15 pounds! GO YOU!!! That's fantastic :-)

  5. You go girl! You are on Fire! (as Vivianne hangs her head down in shame)

  6. Your dance class sounds like my Zumba class here on base!! There are a ton of us in it but I do look around at the dancers closest to me and wonder what they were doing right before they arrived at class. My mom and grandfather used to play this game with me where we would sit at the park, McDonald's, the mall...wherever...and create lives for people, complete with families, jobs, accents. So, sometimes I catch myself accidentally doing it all of the time instead of actually talking to the person. Nasty habit. But glad that you are getting to know your fellow dancers! And your weight loss story is very motivating. You're absolutely right about the ab area - tied to metabolism, diet, as well as exercise. When I was a personal trainer and I asked people what areas they felt weak in, they always pointed to the abs. Have you thought about Pilates? I've been practicing Pilates for about 6 years now and I taught for 4. It focuses on the deepest abdominal muscles and while it's not necessarily fat-building, it IS muscle strengthening. And it focuses on the pelvic muscles as well...which...y'know...can have some positive side effects when you have strong pelvic muscles. :-D Congrats on the weight loss so far and keep on keepin' on! You are doing all the right things and it's obviously paying off 100 times over!