Thursday, October 17, 2013

Wednesday ... er, Thursday Workday

After complaining about all the rainy, gray weather recently I received a gift from Mother Nature today - a gorgeous, how-can-I-best-get-out-into-the-garden day.  It's been sunny and warm, but not hot, with a little bit of breeze.  Perfect for diving into cleaning up the front border.  I believe that is #2 on the Fall Project list. 
This is where I started at 8:30 ...

And, this is where I ended around noon.
Around the curve (right upper edge of border) I've added Hakone grass which will give me fluffy, duffy varigated grass that has a pinkish (surprise!) tone as it matures.  It will help carry out the burgundies of fall.
Hakonechloa m 'Naomi'
There was also a trip in there to the garden center for material to re-do the big planter,
 which now looks like this.
 Pansies (lavender and purple), Swiss chard, red lettuce, sage and ornamental peppers.
And, then a little impulse buy that looks a bit like this:
Hydrangea paniculata Renhy 'Vanilla Strawberry'
It has a very different leaf from most hydrangeas, but is deciduous so they will be gone soon.
In a couple of years it may look like this:
And, finally there's the David Austin rose ['Sister Elizabeth'] that seems to just love the fall weather and is blooming her little heart out.
Can hardly wait for her to get a couple of summers under her belt and fill out.
Life is good!


  1. Webb, everything is looking lovely. I need to get out but have not had the chance. I hope your beautiful weather continues to be pretty.

  2. So jealous you had time and lovely weather to get some work done.

    This Sunday, Webb, I've got to get started. Love that hydrangea.

    xo Jane

  3. Great job on the border! Isn't it nice to reward yourself with some new plants. I have come to love ornamental grasses.

  4. Have you planted Hakone grass before? Does it spread much? I'm thinking of using it in our landscaping.