Sunday, June 26, 2011

Flowers in the House!

Two lovely warm - not hot! - days in the yard. Mostly sitting and enjoying [yes, with a bit of wine!] but time to cut a few poseys for the house.

Hydrangeas, of course. Some of everything in bloom: 'Bailmer', 'Taube', 'Glowing Embers', and 'Nigra'. Only 'Lady in Red' has not yet started blooming. I think she needs more water.

And then a handful of everything: shasta daisies, 'Bailmer' hydrangea, gerbera daisy, monarda 'Raspberry Wine', cat mint, pink yarrow, lavender, and heliotrope.

And, one more hydrangea for the kitchen.

What more could a girl ask? Can't wait to see what everyone else has! If you're not a "regular" to Monday Flowers in the House, follow me over there and see who's playing this week!


  1. lovelylovelylovely! Can't seem to grow hydrangeas very well so gazing at yours longingly! xx

  2. So nice that you have so many varieties of hydrangeas, I just have a young one like your blue one, but it still has some growing to do, no blossoms this year yet...fingers crossed.

  3. How do you manage to grow both blue and pink hydrangeas? Isn't their color dependent on soil acidity?

    Lovely flowers! It's almost all shut down here because of the heat and no water.

  4. Those are gorgeous! Hydrangeas are my second most favorite flower (only second to pink roses).

    Also, my website is getting ready to launch next week and we decided since it's "Daisy & Elm" I went with all flower titles for my tabs. I'll post when it's launched but I should have consulted you when I got stuck. You would have been PUUURRRFECT! ;-D

  5. Webb, loving it all. How fabulous your garden must look because those are some seriously sweet bouquets.

    Another month or two and you'll be ready to come and work with us:)

    xo Jane

  6. Belinda, it seems like we all want whatever it is that we cannot grow. I would happily send you hydrangeas for half of what's in your garden!

    Sherri, hope it blooms next year. Just be sure it gets some water over the winter. Mine bloom much better the years that we have rain or snow over the winter, or that I remember to water occasionally.

    Anneke, the pinkish one is supposed to be a bright pink but my dirt is too acid for that. I tried adding whatever it is that one is supposed to add to keep the pink, but it didn't seem to work. Now I get what I get - some years it's nearly purple - but that is part of the fun!

    Ally, looking forward to seeing the new site. If you need any flower pics, let me know. I have a bunch.

    Jen, so glad you stopped by Hope to see you again.

    Jane, this is so much fun and I appreciate the push to do a little more work than just dumping a couple of flowers into a glass. Still need more flowers for cutting! Thanks for linking us all up! xoxo

  7. The flowers are beautiful! My mom has a hydrangea plant outside my bedroom window at home. I wish I had one here. Love them.

  8. Beautiful Hydrangea's Webb, lucky you, you seem to have the perfect soil to keep them blue. I also love the big daisy in your arrangment, I've planted some this year so hope to have some for next year x

  9. hydrangeas are definitely one of my favorite flowers. Your's are really pretty :-)