Sunday, October 30, 2011

We Escaped!

While Mother Nature was dumping heavy, wet snow up the East Coast north of me, we awoke this morning to the first frost.  Somehow, I had forgotten the charm of these early fall frosts - the rising sun just kissing the trees and shrubs.

A hardy salvia still holding its own.
Shrubs kissed by the frost.
And, a day full of promise.  A day to light the fire, to read a good book, and to open a nice bottle of wine.  Fall's not so bad, after all!


  1. It is crazily mild here, I have strawberries refruiting!! I wonder if your chilly weather is coming our way...? x

  2. Sounds cozy. We are still in the 70's with abundant sunshine. I still saw a caterpillar on the parsley this morning, but I doubt he will make it to swallowtail.

  3. I am with you Web..Fall is not so bad, as long as the snow stays away!
    I am thankful I am not in the Northeast right now but saying that..what goes around, comes around. I imagine we will have our fair share in England before long.

    Many thanks for your comment today, I appreciated it!

    Jeanne xx

  4. We have enjoyed a beautiful fall weekend. I think you have the perfect idea...a fire, a book and a glass of wine. I hope you are enjoying it.

  5. Just read your comment and have decided that a Thursday night wine sounds like a lovely idea. I just paid $5 to get my car washed and now it is raining sideways. *sigh* isn't that just the way it goes sometimes? Also...I read one of your captions as "a hardy saliva hangs on"...and I thought you were tying it in with the whole kissed by the frost thing....hahaha...maybe not TOO much wine for me tonight as I already seem to be a bit loopy.