Friday, May 1, 2015

Why One has Insurance .... or

This is SO How I Did Not Want to Spend my Day Off!

Remember our new - well, nearly new - hardwood floors?  We had them installed just over four years ago.  [Here]  They looked a lot like this ...

Two evenings ago Mitchell heard water dripping ....

Turned out to be the hot water line from the water heater to the kitchen sink.  And, it was gushing, not dripping!

Fifty gallons later, we got the water shut off and started damage control.  There are no photos of all our bath and beach towels blotting up the small river flowing thru the kitchen - we were a bit busy at that time.

Today a nice "man" [he appeared to be slightly more than thirteen] came and ripped up the rippled floor and left us with five large fans and one huge dehumidifier.

Pulling up the warped boards.
It could be worse.  Only the kitchen and dining area have to be re-floored.
Is that even a word?
Insurance has been called, and they will cover most of the damage and repair to the floor.  We have returned to the source of the floors and found one that will match almost perfectly.  That means we will not have to replace the "good" floor, too. 

All will be well in a few weeks , but I really had planned to spend my day off digging and planting.  Maybe tomorrow will be a better day!


  1. Oh dear, the mess! What a pill! So much for the day off … Good thing you were home to catch it.

    Here is hoping for a better tomorrow, with some outdoor fun.

    1. Thanks for the encouragement. There is a silver lining ... all the equipment has the house a toasty 81 degrees. I love it! Mitchell, not so much! We hope it will be dry enough by Sunday afternoon to pull out the equipment and call the adjuster to come take a look. We still have not actually met anyone from the insurance company - only talked on the phone. that's when the rubber meets the road on this little fiasco. more later, i'm sure.

  2. Ouch. I'm so sorry to hear what you went through. That's painful. Don't let the insurance company minimize the damage. Second opinions, if you're in doubt, never hurt.

    And on the amusing side, isn't funny that as we get older, everyone really looks so much younger?

  3. Webb, You photos brought back memories of our water event a few years back. I hope everything is back to normal soon.