Monday, May 4, 2015

Flowers in the House

Well, just barely!

A busy week and i missed the invitation.

Wednesday - flood in the kitchen
Friday - industrial fans and dehumidifier brought in.
Saturday - floor installer measured and estimated.
Sunday - fans removed and wet insulation pulled out from under the house. 

Still no contact with the adjuster, but we have hope...
... but, until a few minutes ago, we had no flowers. 

Fortunately, Mother Nature provided the most gorgeous purple iris - the kind that look like velvet - as well as the last of the woods hyacinths, and the first of the lilacs ('Miss Kim').
Thanks, Mom!

Please go visit Jane and all her other friends - you know, the ones who did their homework on time. 


  1. Flood seems a valid excuse. sgnd. teacher
    Gorgeous iris! I had iris, too, but not these enormous beauties.
    I hope your flood fiasco is all sorted.

  2. Hello, and lovely to make your acquaintance today through this very fun FITH idea, which I've just been introduced to.

    I adore your blue-toned arrangement as it reminds me of the blue carpeted woodland by my childhood home in England. Bluebells, which look strikingly similar to your wood hyacinths (or are they the same flower?), would grow rampant covering the woodland floor entirely in blue. We'd pick bunches of them all spring not realizing our mother was allergic to their scent (she adored them too).

    Thank you for visiting my blog today, which is how I discovered yours.

    1. Some people do call the "wood hyacinths" by the name "English bluebells" ... but i have never taken the time to find out if it is the same. They certainly resemble the photos that I have seen of English fields of them. They also come in pink and white, but these colors don't seem to do well in my climate and have died out over the years. These are the great grandchildren of bulbs i planted at a former home about 30 years ago!

  3. You poor thing. Glad to hear that the repairs after your flood are under way, and sorry that you have to deal with this during prime gardening season.

  4. Oh no Webb, a flooded kitchen! Aaaaargh, heck a flooded anything in the house makes me insane, I feel for you. I must say though, you recover nicely, gorgeous flowers! Love deep purple.

  5. Not only did you have the best excuse in blogland, you have the most divine arrangement ever.

    You knocked this one out of the ball park webb.

    No I want a redo of mine.

    Thanks for showing up.....neither floods nor fans will keep you away.

    xo J

  6. You have had quite a week. So sorry about the flood. Your flowers are gorgeous.

  7. The purple iris...there's not a prettier color on this earth than the petals of a purple iris.
    I hope they made your hectic week a little better. :)

  8. Glad all of you stopped by. I thought i was so late in the day that you were all in bed! Next month we'll have iced tea, or a glass of wine - promise!

  9. A gorgeous arrangement! It has got it all: variety of color, texture, just love it.

    Hope the insurance guy shows up soon. I mean really, how many flooded houses are there this week :-/?

  10. This is a great arrangement! Love these colours!!