Friday, May 8, 2015

A Nicer Welcome

Altho we have three entrances - a "formal" front door, a side door and a back door, 90% of our guests come and go thru the side door, which opens directly onto the driveway.  
We use that entrance almost exclusively. 
 Over the years the railings had gotten loose and some of the decking had warped, so it was time to repair or replace it.  

We decided to go with a composite product instead of treated wood in the hope that it would last longer and not wear as fast this time. 
Once it was done, we needed a nice big pot of something by the steps.  We've kept a pot of mint there for years, so i just got another big blue pot and added some additional varieties of mint.


  1. I think this compliments your house perfectly. Don't know what it is about big blue pots at an entry: I have got one too, next to the front door :-}, and one at the back door ...

  2. Oh I love your big blue pots. Are they ceramic ? I might want one....

    So J

  3. If blue pots come from Big Blue Box store, are plastic, and come in lime and pink, too. Am considering a lime one in a dark spot under a tree ...