Wednesday, May 13, 2009

May 11, 1984

What do you say to the man who has been your partner, friend, and lover for the past 25 years? "I love you", for starters.

I love you for sticking with me thru the thin days as well as the thick. For 14-hour days carving in the basement and driving from Virginia to Florida to Texas to Massachusetts and home again - with a dog and a trailer full of ducks. For canceling birthday parties and then rescheduling them. For finding a trailer to live in when we needed to leave Richmond. For being my rock when Dad died.

I love you for being there in the better days, too. For not insisting on your way, but being willing to wait until we can find a solution that fits us both - and teaching me to do the same. For nine wonderful years in a home that fits us like a glove. For road trips around the state and across the country. For showing me the glory of coral reefs, pinnacles, and black coral. For seasick days on Olympus and glorious days on Cat Ppalu. For skinny dipping on deserted beaches and walking on Hilton Head. For books shared and movies rented.

I love you for loving my family - sometimes more than I do. For embracing my friends and for sharing yours. I love you for our time with Jack, Buck and Mocha, and for adding the fish to the mix. For bicycling, tennis and diving. For diets shared and pounds lost - even when the were regained.

I love you for all the times you knew what I was talking about before I said a word, and for all the days we get to spend together now. I love you for telling me you love me every day. Twenty-five years has flown past like a few weeks. I am ready to sign up for another year.

Happy anniversary. I love you.

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