Monday, April 20, 2009

Save Comic Sans

Late last night I learned there is a movement afoot [always wanted to say that; it sounds so Sherlock Holmes!] to ban the use of Comic Sans font - one of my favorite fonts. Apparently some folks think that Comic Sans is overused and inappropriately used and so they are working to rid the world of this scourge.

Now I agree with them that Comic Sans is used inappropriately. Clearly it's a funster and should be used only in lighthearted ways, but if we start there what goes next? Helvetica, or Times New Roman, or Verdana?

Personally, I would ban Remedy. Fortunately, most folks got really tired of it a while ago, so you don't see it much any more. Dropped into a headline it can provide a bit of wow factor, but I once worked for a company that did an entire marketing presentation folder with multiple inserts all in Remedy. It was almost unreadable.

Another font that is becoming overused is Bank Gothic. I like it, too, but you see it in all sorts of odd places. Clearly it was meant to convey strength, calm and safety - can you say "bank"? - but you see it used for lots of other things now. Maybe we should ban it, too.

The leaders of the Ban Comic Sans movement are concerned that by the year 2050 it will have become the only font used. They say. "By the year 2022 the US Federal Reserve will have adopted Comic Sans as the official font for all United States currency." I kind of like the idea. If we keep Bank Gothic for a safe and solid feeling, then our money could get a little funkier. Or, maybe by 2050 it'll be funny money anyway, and the Comic Sans will be the right font after all.

However it goes, you'd better start choosing your three favorite fonts and protecting them!

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