Tuesday, April 14, 2009

What's with all the Aries?

Today is the birthday of a third close friend of mine - Sunshine. Mother of two teens and for 8 and half years my trusted right hand, she is a Wise Woman in training. Totally dependable and the hardest worker I have even known, she will go places in this life. It was a joy to have her 20 feet away to bounce ideas with me, and to cover my back 24/7. Happy birthday, Sunshine!

But hers makes three birthdays in five days, so what's with all the Aries?

According to folks who know more about it than I, Aries is the first sign of the zodiac and a fire sign. They "have masses of energy and courage and will rush in where angels fear to tread, for the Arien ego can be rather overbearing." I've never experienced that overbearing bit, but then I have not ever worked for one of them. "Creative Aries, a cardinal sign, loves to be the leader and can organize fantastic and impressive ventures." Now that's the Aries I know and love. And this: Aries' "birthstone is the brilliant diamond symbolizing clear strength, purified under pressure." I like that "purified under pressure" - sure applies to my three friends.

But what do we do about me - Gemini: twins, some would say psycho-twins!

Well, according to those same experts: "Mars-ruled Aries finds an able and adaptable partner in Mercury-ruled Gemini. The enthusiasm and reckless courage of the Ram will have strong appeal to the restless and curious Twins. Together, you can cross many horizons, mental, emotional and geographic. Aries and Gemini get on so well that you may begin to take the relationship for granted. Slow down and appreciate what you have in such a versatile and willing partner. It could be a perfect match."

Well, I sure believe that last. When I am working with, partying with, or just being with any of my three Aries partners I feel like we can do anything. There is definitely a synergy and sense of the possible. So, guess I'll stick with these three and see what new worlds we can find to conquer. And, I promise not to take you for granted - much.

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