Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Kudos to NCDot

Driving thru North Carolina - even on the Interstate - is a pleasure this time of year. For more than 20 years the great state of NC has planted acres - and acres - of wildflowers along the right-of-ways. Two weeks ago it was just beginning to bloom, but today it is glorious! At many intersections there are poppies and dame's rocket and other festive florals growing in apparently wild abandon. The daylilies are just starting to open and everywhere one looks are red, pink, white, blue, purple and yellow blooms - it's just lovely. Almost makes one happy to be driving a long distance.

Bank accounts are slim this year - even for states - but this long term investment by NCDot continues to reinvest itself and produce an income of blooms anew each spring to make life a little prettier.

Way to go, North Carolina!

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