Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Days One to Three and a Half

The Eastern Shore truly is the jewel of Virginia, and we have spent three and a half beautiful days. We stayed in a development of homes and rental units right on the Chesapeake Bay. Our house was a block back, but with nothing between us and the water, so we had a gorgeous view, but afternoon sun.

The development is so pretty from the water. All the houses are painted pretty colors – like our Grape Escape there are blue and red and pink and yellow and green houses and from the water it looks like a doll’s village. From the house, tho, it makes me think of a really upscale Levittown. There are only three designs and I have visions of a group of young architects standing around trying to figure out how many ways they can assemble them differently. The real problem, tho, is that they are placed chock-a-block side-by-side on narrow lots – only about 15 feet apart. So the part of the development that is developed is…. well, boring.

But the land and sea are interesting. I walked the “beach” one morning. For those of us who are used to the beach at VaB, this was very different. First, it was the western side of the Eastern Shore, not the east side to which we are accustomed. That means it doesn’t take the pounding of the waves, so the sand is not fine or white, but rather darker grey and much coarser. And secondly, it is a tiny strip not the expanse on the Atlantic side. But it also means that the shells are not so beaten up and there is lots of sea glass. There is also seaweed – both the heavy brown kind that you see a lot, but also a very different type that looks like the offspring of yellow and green dynabands. It is flat, five inches wide and bright chartreuse! I would not like to dive in it and I suspect it’s hard on propellers, but it surely is pretty.

Driving back we stopped at the island before the bridge begins to take some pictures. Unfortunately, I don’t have the cable to upload them, so come back tomorrow to look at the pictures. I will upload as soon as my bag is unpacked.

We are eating lunch in a tearoom in Portsmouth waiting for our friends to arrive by boat from Deltaville. Next on our agenda is loading our things aboard and then spending the afternoon getting ready to set off on high adventure. Our trip tomorrow will be down the Elizabeth River to connect with the ICW and then head south. We will spend tomorrow night in Coinjock – a wide spot in the ICW. I think we do the locks tomorrow, too, so it will be all new for me.

As I predicted, the weather has turned hotter and more humid, but not bad if one can keep to the shade. I think it’s supposed to be a bit cooler the next two days. I am learning that when you are so close to the water, the weather matters more! Love to all. Tune in soon!

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