Sunday, July 5, 2009


Frazz' definition of independence got me thinking about what other things we need in life to be independent. A few [in no particular order] that come to mind are:

A credit card - one with plenty of open balance so that you can make a trip that comes up suddenly, or buy a new tire ... for your bike!

Your own place to live, complete with a list of plumber, electrician, and general handyman. Especially if you are female, being able to provide your own shelter is key to independence.

A little black dress - so, not crucial, but you need something you can slip into and either dress up or down if you get a sudden invitation to dinner, the theater, or a gallery opening.

A hobby - something you can do by yourself [read, scrapbook, crochet, paint, or even write a blog!] that provides either a creative outlet or a calming way to spend time by yourself - maybe even both.

A support network - a partner, friends and/or family who will listen when you need an ear, or provide advice when you ask for it, but who will stand back and let you stand on your own two feet and make your own decisions and mistakes.

A pair of red dancing shoes!

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