Friday, July 3, 2009

Walnut Grove, MN 1809

Ma: " Laura, take your sister Carrie and go into town and pick up some groceries from the General Store. Tell Mr. Smith we will pay him when the winter wheat is harvested - in October."

SanFrancisco 2009

Waiter at Market Street Grill: "Thank you for dining with us, Sir. I hope you enjoyed your dinner. I'll be happy to take this when you are ready."

Diner: "Thanks so much. Everything was lovely. Let's see.... two steak dinners, appetizers, a good bottle of red wine, and dessert.... $155 plus tip. Here's my IOU. You can collect it from Gov. Schwarzenegger in October with the assembly passes a budget."


Owner of small dairy: "Well, Eddie, you've worked hard this month. Took really good care of all the cows and got all the milk delivered on time and in really good condition - just like every month. Here's an IOU for you. Just take it to the bank and they will cash it, and they'll collect the cash in October."

Right! Maybe the folks in California want to re-think all those propositions they have passed for the past few years..... just a thought.

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