Sunday, August 2, 2009

Albemarle to Edenton

Yesterday was almost like glass on the water and we made the short run from the Yeopin Creek (previously mis-called a river) to Edenton in less than two hours. It's a lovely little pre-Colonial town with a city dock and park and a wonderful breakwater that shelters the anchorage. There are only five boats left, but we are still having a lot of fun. The cruise was another spent dodging crab pots, tho. We are getting good at it. You will notice that the chart here is correct. It correctly shows the point where Albemarle Sound is located.

Edenton was the first capital of North Carolina and dates back to the early 1700's. In the 1800's it was a major shipping port for North Carolina and quite an industrial town. In the 1900's it fell into disuse as the big canals and shipping moved to bigger waters and ther railroads and super highways. Today they are trying to renew their economy with tourism and retirement. There are several retirement communities in the area as well as many retirees who have just moved into the community. It is your typical southern town that rolls up the sidewalks on Saturday afternoon. I was not able to get my nails done on Saturday! And the massage therapist was not even answering her phone.

We took the trolley tour and got a good overview of the town and then I have walked a good bit of it both last night and this morning. There is an old Episcopal Church that would remind you of Bruton Parish, with an interesting old grave yard. I found many stones from the 1800's but not many from the 1700's, and many interesting monuments. The Baptist Church is much more modern and almost a federal dome-type. The houses are a neat blend of colonial, Queen Anne, and Victorian - both small workman's cottages and larger homes for the wealthy. Along the waterfront are a number of big colonials and also some newer brick homes - all beautifully landscaped.

The downtown is basically one main street with row buildings from the late 1800's and early 1900's. The hardware shop and drug stores have been the same for 100+ years, and it has the wonderful feel of a friendly small town. If we were looking for a place to move in retirement, this might be on the list. Unfortunately, it is the sort of place where you would be welcome in five minutes, but still a newcomer after fifty years!

There is a neighborhood park right at the marina that has the nicest playground I have ever seen. It was build from funds raised in town and is obviously used and loved by the residents of Edenton. Until it started raining this afternoon, there have been children continuously playing since we arrived.

Tomorrow we go almost straight across the sound to Columbia. Stay tuned!

ps: I forgot to mention earlier that my tendinities kicked up on Tuesday and I was in major pain - mostly when I lay down - for the next three nights. You know how I get when I am tired! I finally found some of those microwavable hot packs and got enough of the muscles to relax to get a decent sleep on Friday night and a better one last night. Now Mitchell has something. he is running a fever, so I dosed him with Cipro and he has slept all day. Hopefully, 24 hours on drugs and he will improve. If not, I may have to seek medical attention in Columbia tomorrow. Now, stay tuned.

pps Monday morning: A local power squadron member - who is also a family doc - made a boat call visit last night and pronounced Mitchell sick, but not terminally. I'll spare you the details, but Cipro is the second best drug for what he appears to have. Prediction is that tonight he will be better. MA and I can handle the lines. i got a good night's sleep last night and except for having my shirt on inside out am fine this morning!

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